Suraksha-Service was founded by Mrs. Smitha with sound and esteemed support from her husband Afzal. Incorporated in the Malapuram district of Kerala state , the company has slowly and gradually grown to be one of the largest domestic and commercial stove suppliers in Kerala. Suraksha Service today features a prominence amongst the gas burner suppliers, gas stove dealers and gas cylinder trolley dealers in the state of Kerala. Keeping in stride with times, we also offer you the convenience to buy gas stoves online, book maintenance services online and also to register your complaints online.
From being a startup to being a recommended household name, the journey has been a long one, confesses Mrs.Smitha, who is the CEO of the firm. It’s still a long way to go, she testifies. More often than not, in our country, it comes to pass, that women are snubbed and relegated to a backseat at home and outside. We attempt to break through the stereotypes, imprisoning them. As of today, a colossal number of company’s staff are women, who also happen to be homemakers, when not working. This imparts to our staff an innate understanding of the intricate needs of a modern household-kitchen. Thus, the large number of satisfied housewives.
While we cater to domestic needs our focus also stays firm on meeting commercial needs and standards too. Many satisfied customers in the hospitality industry, back this claim of ours.


Suraksha, the most trusted and popular Gas service agency in the district, has got many achievements in its journey of excellence.

  1. 2013- Received Sree Chithirathirunnal award from the then Union Minister of Industries Mr Kodikkunnil Suresh.
  2. 2014- Received Subhash Chandra Bose award from the then Minister of Education Mr P.K Abdu Rabb.
  3. 2015- Received Thilakan Smaraka award from the then Minister of Health, Mr V.S Shiva Kumar.
  4. 2015-16-Became a member among the 500 main industrialists, survey by Dhanam Magazine.
  5. 2016-About 350 ladies are working here. If the employee has enough potential to move in the industry, she will be promoted to the managerial level.


To envision remarkable LPG Gas stove service in every nook and corner with transparency in approach.


Providing the services to the international reach with loyalty and expertise.